Do you have P.A.S.S.I.O.N. to be successful? Do you like to CONNECT with leaders of various organizations? Do you like helping organizations GROW their TALENT? Do you like to facilitate ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH & DRIVE HIGH PERFORMANCE CULTURE?

Management Team

The management team in HC Consultants Group is the group of individuals that operate at the higher levels and have day-to-day responsibility for managing other individuals and maintaining responsibility for key business functions. The management team is also generally responsible for putting together the business strategy and ensuring the business objectives are met.


Regional Sales Force Team

The Regional Sales Force team in HC Consultants Group are responsible for generating income and revenue. The sales team would be working together to increase brand awareness and drive sales forward. 



Associate Trainer

An Associate Trainer in HC Consultants Group assists the senior staff to prepare course methods, organize seminars and promote presentations for the trainees. The trainer is also encouraged to provide suggestion to devise ways and strategies to help the trainees comprehend the subject matter in a much easier way. 



Executive Coach

An Executive Coach at HC Consultants Group facilitates an environment of self-discovery of key practices that result in improvements in the business as well as in the personal lives of the executive. The executives are expected to be expert at their chosen “trade” but often not proficient at the management skills necessary to run an effective team.