As a diverse group, we have the industry insights and capabilities to assist organizations to shape their future, to make the bold move to build for the future and transform their business landscape. As a partner, HC Consultants Group leverages on the expertise of knowledgeable professionals that are committed to working side by side to help you reach that next level of performance.

We combine strategic business know-how, experience, people skill and the use of technology to execute business outcomes and transformations that are scalable and sustainable in today’s evolving business climate.

To provide high impact learning, exemplary consulting services in various fields, change management and organizational effectiveness improvement, we work with global authorities and leading associate partners which include:

  • University of Toronto (Canada)
  • I-Business Institute, EC Council (USA)
  • Association for Coaching (UK)
  • Canadian Council of Professional Certification (Canada)
  • University Malaya (Malaysia)
  • Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (Malaysia)
  • AACE International (USA)
  • Project Management Institute( USA)
  • International Academy of Business and Financial Management (Australia)
  • BRIEF Academy (Singapore)
  • Solution Surfers (Switzerland)

What We Do Best