HC@Edu was established in 2014 to promote excellence in learning and teaching for higher education institutions in Asia Pacific. We believe that with the correct environment and encouragement, faculty, staff and students can create value and perform par excellence.

The key components to a successful delivery includes :

  • Pedagogy
  • Comprehensive Knowledge
  • Blended Assessment
  • Experiential Learning & Community Engagement
  • Collaboration with Industry Experts
  • Technology
  • International Outlook

For Faculty - Our teaching and learning programs focus on smart productivity and delivery combined with the development of workplace talent

For Students - Stand out amongst your peers and navigate your career prospects with additional learning resources to give you that extra edge and impressive impact in the workforce

For Faculty
  • Total Quality Management in Education
  • Fostering Self-Esteem and Peak Performance in the Classroom
  • Effective Academic Leadership
  • Planning and Delivering Effective Lectures
  • Teaching Soft Skills in Higher Education
  • Train the Trainer (Faculty/Lecturer)
For Students
  • Discover Your True Passion
  • Be Employed or Be An Entrepreneur?
  • Boost Your Self Esteem For Personal Excellence
  • Personal Career Journey (PCJ)
  • Get Employed Before Your Graduation
  • 8 Secrets of Highly Employable Youths

What We Do Best