PassionVerks is a social enterprise dedicated to enabling all levels of the community to fulfill their potential through entrepreneurship development. We strongly believe that, regardless of circumstances, everyone can make a difference and achieve success as a leader with the proper mindset, exceptional learning, empowerment, and support.

 Our community interest objectives are to :

  • Invest in individual transformation and learning at all levels
  • Provide and deliver programs on entrepreneurship development
  • Support idea development and innovation
  • Promote a sustainable equal opportunities growth platform

We are in the pursuit of creating a community that once transformed, will continue to reach out to others and raise a new generation of communities fueled by the same passion, purpose, and spirit of entrepreneurship. We accomplish our objectives through collaboration with various organizations and reputable bodies that believe in our journey and 3 signature programs:

  • Basic program (3 days)
  • Advance program (5 days)
  • Leadership program (3 months)

Up Your Game Community

Up Your Game Community (UYG) is a personal development platform that is committed to ensuring any individual has barrier-free access to self-help and self-growth resources and opportunities. UYG hosts monthly offline free for all sessions. Each month's session has a set theme for sharing from relevant guest speakers.

Since its inception in November 2015, UYG has grown as a co-created community of individuals who believe in and support its purpose of making personal development easily accessible to as many individuals as possible. Within 6 months since its launch in Singapore, UYG crossed the border with its first session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. UYG held its first symposium in September 2016 together with the Women's Symposium 2016. Plans are in place to extend UYG's chapters to at least one other city in Malaysia as well as in Jakarta by end of 2016.  More such events are in the pipelines targeting youths and individuals with disabilities. UYG is a joint partnership by the HC Consultants Group.