Welcome to a new wave of thinking that focuses on small, simple and quick steps to bring about desired changes. Solution Focused model that focuses on solutions not problems and uses strengths based relationship, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology and NLP to empower you and your team to achieve peak performance, escalate productivity through results that make a positive difference to your bottom line.

In short, the Solution Focused approach

  • finds what already works and focuses on doing more of it
  • brings to the surface strengths and resources
  • builds on strengths and resources that get practical results
  • improves diverse fields of businesses
  • supports fast and lasting change straightaway

Accredited & Certification Programs In Partnership With : 

  1. Canadian Council of Professional Certification
  2. Associate of Coaching, UK
  3. International Coach Federation, USA
  4. University of Toronto, Canada
  5. Institute of I-Business, EC Council, USA



Signature Programs
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (14 days)
  • Certified Leader as Coach (6 days)
  • Solution Focused Leadership Coach (4 days)
  • Leader as a Solution Focused Coach (3 days)
Core Competency Programs:
  • Appreciative Leadership
  • Appreciative Inquiry Coaching
  • Higher Ground Leadership
  • Solution Focused Team Coaching
  • Solution Focused Sales Coaching
  • Solution Focused Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Solution Focused Project Management
  • Solution Focused Risk Management
  • Team Coaching With The Solution Circle
  • Bridging Generation Gap Through Solution Focused Coaching

What We Do Best