With more than two decades of experience of uplifting communities, nation-building experience, youth transformation programs, Xpert@CSR is the must-have partner to run and facilitate corporate social responsibility (CSR) workshops, develop CSR frameworks and implement CSR strategies and plans.

Research has shown that an untapped element of driving employee job performance is leveraging on the value of corporate social responsibility.  Employees who value social responsibility in their personal lives are more likely to identify with organizations that share the same values. Shared advocacy for social causes among employees, organizations, and customers positively impacts and increases job performance.

Xpert@CSR has the expertise through its well-connected network and social impact assessment profiling to embed a robust corporate social responsibility framework and community development programs as a uniting workplace value. This will bring about change in your team and key takeaways such as

  • Shared value and positive impact in the community that is supported by the organization and employees alike
  • REAL community service and social work that reaches the poor and underprivileged society
  • Impactful and lasting personal and professional development
  • Up-skilling and teaching new skills which can, in turn, be applied in the workplace
  • Brand awareness and public value on how corporate services can make a difference in the community
  • Better employee-customer engagement due to shared cause

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